Friday, August 19, 2011

Open(ed) Happiness ... Yet Again !!!

The little drops of joy,
are what count the most,
while sailing amidst,
the vast sea of sorrows ...

Thank you Coke for the "Reasons to Believe" :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Steffi Graf - Proposed On-Court !

Steffi Graf gets a marriage proposal on court during a game at The 1995 Wimbledon Championships ... Her reply to the offer is simply priceless ;)

Though Steffi was not known for her humor, yet she did provide one of the most memorable on-court interactions with the crowd !

Disclaimer: This video does not belong to me ... Found it on YouTube !

Monday, October 11, 2010

Midnight's Children

Streaky shadows silhouetted against the moonlight,
A stark contrast to those in bright sunshine;
The dark night hides well all apparent flaws,
That the sun brings to light at daytime;

Unwanted, undesirable creatures at noon,
Amble freely in the dead of the night;
The entire world seems their oyster then,
without a chain to shackle 'em at all;

An unclear future akin to foggy nights,
With a childhood lost somewhere in time;
Their Today is full of agony and misery,
Yet they eagerly await a (better) tomorrow to come;

With hopes in their hearts and dreams in their eyes,
They aim to face all challenges like a braveheart;
But for now life is brutally tough for them,
Fuelled by the cruel darkness of the night.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hope Floats

Relaxing on my smoothened couch,
I ponder upon the intricacies of life;
Why is it that some receive happiness,
Whilst others have to face strife.

The Utopia which we dream about,
Very seldom does it materialise;
An iota of joy comes only after,
Enduring a sea of sorrows, I surmise.

But always being beseiged by grief,
Is arguably everyone's biggest fear;
Sure enough, a few wretched souls,
Intermittently shed a dewy tear.

It's just law of averages I guess,
And no one can be joyous forever;
So maybe the best we can do in testing times,
Is to try and keep our act together.

At the end of it all I've just realised,
It doesn't cost much to be sanguine;
For, surely, the gloomy clouds would,
Give way to bright sunshine ...

Saturday, September 5, 2009


A quarter of a century has passed me by,
All of it just in the blink of an eye ...

It's been a roller-coaster of a journey all the way through,
A never-ending adventure starting each day anew.

Today, I take some time out and ponder about it all,
Of transpired events in these 25 summers, winters, springs & fall.

I look at what has been achieved & what's yet to be done,
There've been a few regrets too, though I'd hoped there'd be none.

It's not just about things but people too that I've met thus far,
The people that have either left an imprint on me; or left a scar.

It's all about loving your parents & family is what they say,
With their blessings & His grace, success has always come my way.

How could I forget the friends & foes that came into my life,
Some gave me happiness, whilst others just brought me strife.

I sure have caused a few heartbreaks; and got my heart broken too
A tryst with love that I've been waiting for, is now long overdue.

Yet, I am content with the way life is moving right now,
And there's a burning desire to freeze this time somehow

I don't want to move forward so there would never be a past
The present : all i hope and wish is that, it would forever last.

Yet, I know that the future will be here all but in a few clicks,
Today I have turned 25, and tomorrow I will be twenty-six :(

As I said, it's been one helluva blink of an eye,
And an entire quarter century has just passed me by ...